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Commission request for 80’s Rogue, Storm, White Queen, and Jean Grey as Black Queen. I’ll admit, those last two were a bit outside of my comfort zone, but sometime that’s the fun part about commissions. Wouldn’t expect a lot more of that though.


80’s X-Girls

First off, I apologize for posting a commission when I’ve said I’m not taking commissions. But this guy’s had been hounding me since early spring and he finally caught me on a good day. Plus, really- how could I say no to this? Storm, Rogue, Psylocke, and Dazzler sporting their fabulous 80?s fashions? Yeah, twist my arm. ;)

Apparently this is also for a tattoo.



Friday meeting x-girl doodles. My LAST Friday meeting x-girl doodles I suppose since I leave my day job to go full-time freelance next week. :)



Quick sketch drawn in between more important things this morning. For whatever reason, whenever I draw belts, I just want to put X-Men buckles on them.

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So during a week full of waaay too many meetings, I started drawing all these random X-Girls and posting them to my twitter account. Not specific characters. Just mindless fun playing with some x-styled costume designs. And in the process of compiling them all, I found a few from a couple years ago I thought would be fun to share as well.

Newer ones are towards the top, older ones are at the bottom. It’s interesting to see how I didn’t really change much design wise, with the one exception of deciding to go sleeveless.


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