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One last Batgirl/Supergirl comic, as a kind of thank you to everyone for all your wonderful comments, postings, purchases, and everything else this year. I thought about saying “Seasons Greetings” or “Happy Holidays” for those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas, but since I already had the tree and santa elements in there I figured why not just run with it. Plus I think Kara would be filled to the tipping point for this festive time of year. Babs probably wouldn’t NOT have Christmas spirit, but she would also realize that Gotham’s criminal empire doesn’t take the day off either. Just as long as she can get back in time to share a hot cocoa with commissioner dad.

Anyhow, I think this’ll be it for these little Batgirl/Supergirl comics. I feel these sort of one page, costume themed gags have kind of run their course and if I do any more I’d rather draw a longer arc I have in mind. Next year my primary focus is going to be on my own comic, and there are a few exciting happenings with it that are helping me push that focus. Hopefully that will bring along some exciting news to share with you all next year as well. We’ll see.

For now I have a lot of hard work ahead of me so I hope everyone has a very merry, happy December!  And I’ll see you all next year. Or on twitter.

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Let’s face it. Everyone has a crush on Batman.

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I decided to finally dip my toes in the world of online auctioning and put the original art for both my SUPERGIRL/BATGIRL cover and comic up for bid on eBay!

These pieces here:

I’ve never sold anything on eBay before, and I rarely sell original art, so this should be a fun experiment! or a disappointing one. Either way, it’ll be an experiment! And now that I actually have something set up on there, maybe I’ll offer some other original arts in the future.

Also, interviews:

Speaking of Batgirl and Supergirl, there’s a short little interview with me on The Brave an The Old specifically about those pieces.

And for those of you sick of hearing about Supergirl and Batgirl here’s ANOTHER interview about all my other comics work pre-supergirl/batgirl craziness.

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So Evan “Doc” Shaner drew this nifty little 6-panel Captain Marvel comic based on this monologue his Buddy Cops collaborator Nate Cosby wrote. I casually mentioned that it looked like a great exercise and that it would be fun to draw one. And then Nate Cosby wouldn’t stop bugging me until I drew a Supergirl/Batgirl one. So here you are Nate! Hope you like (you really didn’t have to twist my arm that much).

Click after the cut for waaaay to much much thought into this.

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No, I’m not drawing a new Supergirl/Batgirl book for DC (as rad as that might be). This is for the super-fun DC FIFTY-TOO blog that the equally rad Calamity Jon Morris organized in response to the recent DC reboot of it’s entire line. If DC came to me and offered me any book to do, this is what I would have choose. Big surprise! Haha.

Below is the cover sans logo and a process animation of it can be viewed HERE (sorry, flash required).

DC FIFTY-TOO is updating with four new covers from an amazing roster of talent every weekday. Make sure to check out all the great covers already on there! This was fun to draw. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see an issue #2 from me sometime. :)

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Yeah, yeah. I know. I drew Supergirl again. She’s just so fun to draw!

I made prints available right away this time too. :)

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Commissions are still closed since I have some fairly large projects I’m working on (as well as, you know, my own comic), but here are a few “special cases” sketch cards I recently finished up. Clockwise from top: Supergirl (based on this amazing outfit here), Raven from Teen Titans, Hit Girl, and a random forest elf.

supergirl01.jpg raven01.jpg
hitgirl01.jpg forest_elf01.jpg

I hope to get back to some commission work in a month or so. We’ll see.

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Supergirl Corner


I drew a Supergirl for Jon Morris’ super fun Cornered blog. It’s based on the corner art from Adventure Comics #404.

She had the cutest, craziest costumes back then.


Here are a bunch of convention sketches I did for some awesome people at the last two shows I’ve been to.


Apologies for some bad image quality. They were all photographed with my iPhone (an incredibly useful little device). If you are the owner of any of these, feel free to send me a hi-res scan!

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January Sketches


Part of my resolution for this new year (okay I know it’s February already), is less interneting and more drawing. So in the mornings before checking my inbox or twitter or news site or whatever, and when I don’t have more important work to be doing, I’ll sit down and draw a sketch of something. Most of which have turned out to be superheroes.

Click for more superheroes!

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I posted this little sketch of Supergirl on the twitter yesterday and found some time last night to give it some color:


Also, don’t forget that Cleo starts up on Monday! Spread the word!



this is for the supergirl meme going on right now. not that i really need an excuse to draw supergirl.

supergirl01.jpg  supergirl01-color.jpg

this weekend, the 16th-18th, i’ll be in orlando at the megacon convention sharing a table with good friend and fellow cloud tower member matt yokom. cow & buffalo books will be in hand, as well as some other goodies, and i’ll be promoting various other things while i’m there. if you happen to be there, look for us at table yellow-8 or just look for the cloud tower banner and cow & buffalo sign. hope to see you there!


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