parable Compliled, cover art, and 16 page comic

Lamp Post (11-15-10)
Ages Teen and up
218 pages (full color)

ISBN-10: 1600391737
ISBN-13: 978-1600391736

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PARABLE is a collection of modern parables from some of the world’s best independent animators, web artists and comic creators. From personal introspectives to fantastic fictions, each short tale provides its own unique glimpse of the elusive (and eternal) truths of life. The result is a rich volume full of faith, love, grace, and beautiful sequential art. Featuring a foreword by Doug TenNapel and stories by: Ben Avery, Bryan Ballinger, Tim Baron, Tor Harald Blom, Monika Brozda, Paul Conrad, Rob Corley, Michelle Gorski, Ben Hatke, C Hill, Mike Laughead, Mike Maihack, James Mar, Stephen McCranie, Sarah Mensinga, Caleb Monroe, Caroline Parkinson, Dean Rankine, Jeremy Vanhoozer, and Rob Woodrum.

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