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go listen to ep 205 of comic news insider

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

because i am on it. :)


i mentioned my awesome table neighbors, jimmy aquino and joe gonzalez, in my con report yesterday. they did a little interview with me on day three which you can listen to HERE. jen snapped the above picture while we “chatted.”


  • About 4:30 in j&j talk about first meeting us and prove how nice they are at the same time.
  • Around 35:00 is my interview (i always have a hard time listening to me during these but this one came out pretty good).
  • and toward the end, at about 1:35:30, they give their thoughts on c&b’s two books as well as my wacky food preferences.
  • right afterwards they talk about how my friend joey’s mini was one of their faves from the con too. this is also cool!

listening to the whole show brought me back to how great a time we all had. jimmy and joe- you guys are WAAAY too nice!