c&b one of CNI’s best webcomics of 2009

c&b one of CNI’s best webcomics of 2009

on their most recent “best of” episode, Comic News Insider listed cow & buffalo as one of their favorite webcomics of 2009 as well as naming me as their “artist to watch” for 2010. so exciting! thanks jimmy and joe. you guys are awesome.

you can listen to the full episode HERE.


  1. Keath

    Clearly they’ve heard about the forthcoming Cleo project and want to get in before the rush!

  2. mike

    haha- they are SOOO excited for cleo. :)

  3. Jimmy Aquino

    Heard about it? I got the sneak peek of it back at Heroes Con when I first met Mike! And I called it then…Cleo will make Mike famous. :)

  4. hamburgler

    How can it be the one of the best of 2009 when you quit it in the middle of the plot in the middle of 2009??

  5. mike

    i dunno, hamburgler. maybe they really liked the first nine months worth of new material! :)

    anyhoo, i’m not done with c&b. it’s just on hiatus right now while i focus on this: http://www.CleopatraInSpace.com

    in the words of our future president schwarzenegger, “i’ll be back.”