goodbye, and thanks for the cakes
October 11th, 2009

goodbye, and thanks for the cakes

this seems like as good a place as any to take a break.


  1. Random

    I wanna see Steve.
    Ha HA! What are the odds that Cabbie and Bronto appearing right where Cow and Buffalo were? lol :D

  2. Pyromaniac Zack

    – mike, to save time, for next week you could re-use he cow and buffalo where they were on the moon, and just edit the speech bubbles.

  3. Keath

    Wait, is that actually Cabbie? Is he back? Did I stumble onto the wrong webcomic? Inconceivable!

  4. Random

    lol Princess Bride :D!

  5. karpolo

    That looks like space icecream, when they eat it they will transport to space with cow and buffalo.

  6. Pyromaniac Zack

    Yeah, the space cream looks like the space cakes.

    But if they get transported to space by eating it then how do they get back?

    They don’t have green lanter– … I mean, they don’t have green rings with lanterns on them.

  7. Karpolo

    How long is this “break”? :(

  8. Random numba two

    I miss Cow&Buffalo.. are they coming back soon?

  9. bruna

    merry christmas mike!!!

  10. E

    *sniff* I miss this comic.

  11. Moo Cow

    Seeing as how a year has passed… Will this comic be revived? I needs my Cow and Buffalo (and Hippo, Bronto, Pig, random Dinos, ….)!

  12. Thrudd

    Awww, The tile says it all.
    I guess this is the last we will see of cow and chicken and bison >_>

  13. Super Cow!!!!

    I miss ths comic! Is it ever coming back?

  14. Dororo

    Please, update. So what if nome of the other lunchbox funnies comics don’t update? Please, bring this comic back. We all miss it.

  15. Patrick


    I have just read the entire comic in a couple of hours. I want more. I probably won’t get what I want. I have also read all of Cleopatra in Spaaaaace. I want more of that too.