parting ways
September 27th, 2009

parting ways

don’t worry. i’m sure that’s not the last we’ve seen of torry- and all his cookie baking goodness.


  1. Random

    Yay! Torrey let the cookies.

  2. Random

    I mean ‘left”, sorry.

  3. Kaizar

    Awwww no more horned-floweris-bulbed-hairy dude?@.@ Walls string emptyness into my glass, glug glug @.@

  4. Andrew

    Hey, Alaska’s cold might look pretty nice to a moose. ;) It was great having Torry around, but now can we please get back to me? ;)

  5. mike

    don’t worry, andrew. you play a really important role a year or so from now. when our two heroes finally make it into space.

  6. Jen Maihack

    haha! all cow cares about are those cookies.

  7. Dan

    Mmmm, cookies… **drooling sounds**

  8. Andrew Adams

    You know I forgot all about that cat you had in this comic until i saw him on the title today. Last time I saw him I think he touched a time machine and vanished. Is he in spaaaaace?

  9. mike

    andrew- you should catch up on the adventures of ash here!