still not in spaaace
September 13th, 2009

still not in spaaace

wow. i sure hope captain cow isn’t speaking at any classrooms.

thank you, everyone, for all the kind words and comments last week! it’s still crazy to me that i’ve been drawing these guys for six years now. perhaps in another six years our heroes will find themselves in space?


  1. Random

    Hey Torry, I’m the first commenter, give ME a cookie!
    Third panel=WIN!
    First panel=I think of Dr. Slump (I’m surprised if you get this).
    I bet Bronto and Cabbie will get home on there own, seeing that Cow and Buffalo will probably never get into space :).

  2. chris of the gerbil realm

    You should get a print made of that first and second panel.

    Love Cow’s superheroic dialogue too.

  3. Kaizar

    Six is a pretty whacky number, I mean, it is like a semi-tornado thingy @.@ anyway, I need some coockies now¬¬ loved, the whole gutter-smashing panel xD jojojo thanks for sharing =D

  4. Qer

    COOKIE! :D

  5. Pyromaniac Zack

    “Right through the gutter”, lol

  6. Andrew Adams

    I love how Cow has the ultra serious expression while he babbles on about something that is so unimportant It is sooo funny

  7. Andrew

    Haha! And see, when we pause our fights and reschedule at later times we forget why we are fighting… Perhaps this is the real lesson to be learned.

    In a less serious note, you gotta love how Torry is Pig’s sidekick, yet he does not care his “mentor” has just been knocked out. In fact, he chooses to reward the one who beat him up… or is the cookie really a reward?! Beware Cow, beware! The last peach incident is still way to fresh in my mind.

  8. jeremythedog

    man, tory is the best sidekick ever.

  9. Pyromaniac Zack

    Cow and Buffalo should bring Torry with them into spaaaace.

  10. mike

    zack- you assume they’ll actually get there…

    so would you guys be interested in prints of these strips? i can look into offering that if so. let me know!

  11. Pyromaniac Zack

    mike – you should do what Tyler Martin does and sell “original art”. a good example of what it is is the pic of cow you use and the pic of Andrew that Andrew uses.

    Also I think it would be cool to have a t-shirt with a pic of those first two panels on it.

  12. Random

    I would so buy one of those shirts!!!
    (I actually have a “Wally” shirt in my closet :D.)