a sad state of affairs
August 31st, 2008

a sad state of affairs

i don’t mention enough that cabbie’s from the future. you’d think it’d be tough being displaced through time like that. a lack of familiarity, technological differences, deja vu…

but in this case i think cabbie got the better end of the stick. a future ruled by reality television? definitely not a future i’m looking forward too. HELP MAKE SURE THIS REALITY TELEVISION REALITY DOESN’T BECOME A REALITY!! don’t watch reality tv, kids. just don’t do it.

and eat lots of ice cream.


  1. Keath

    On the bright side, the future also won’t hold tremendous disappointments like the Transformers movie.

    Like this artist guy I know says, “When life gives you milk and salt, make ice cream!”

    Oh wait, that’s you … :)

  2. Pyromaniac Zack

    Oh my gosh! I’d blow up my TV before I’d watch that!
    What a horrible future! D= D= D=

  3. Ryan

    Funniest. Thing. Ever.

  4. Qer


    This is building up to a great adventure. Poor cow. :D

    I hope they buy Ben & Jerry for Cabbie, there’s no better ice cream in the world! Yum!

  5. Andrew

    Legends of giant screens line with silver! :) I LOVE IT!!! Maybe the legends will also tell of the summer of ’08, when more great movies were played on those silver lined screens than ever before in such a short time span. Great work Mike!

  6. dul

    oh.. i don’t like ice cream!…

  7. Karpolo

    How do you make your comics?

  8. Karpolo

    u should make a comic where cow gets rick rolled