Journey Cow

On November 18th, 2007, Cow transported himself right out of his own comic. For weeks he not so desperately tried to make his way back to his pet brontosaurus, bronto, whom he forgetfully left up in the clouds (“it’s a long story,” is an understatement). Eventually, cow found bronto, but not before he blinked himself into a whole slew of other webcomics. Here’s the full list of places he was spotted during his journey back home:

Due to this event happening very long ago (in real time), many of the links below maybe be broken.

journey cow

11-19-07: The Jinglepaper


11-21-07: Tastes Like Chicken

11-25-07: Google screenshot (taken by madcow)

11-27-07: Mal and Chad

11-28-07: Silent Kimbly

11-28-07: Blu Boy Comics

12-01-07: Nedroid Comics

12-01-07: LJ- radiumhead

12-02-07: Zip and Li’l Bit

12-02-07: The Jinglepaper- Christmas Edition

12-02-07: LJ- bigninjabear

12-03-07: Fish Factory

12-03-07: LJ- kittythepook

12-05-07: Scamper’s Quest

12-05-07: Putrid Pal

12-06-07: Contos do Corvo: Part One: Part One

12-06-07: Gods Playing Poker

12-07-07: Beaver and Steve

12-10-07: Dandy & Company: Part One

12-11-07: The Dreamland Chronicles

12-11-07: Pirate and Alien


12-11-07: See What Happens

12-12-07: Dandy & Company: Part Two

12-12-07: Contos do Corvo: Part Two

12-13-07: We The Robots

12-13-07: Zambowango

12-14-07: Dandy & Company: Part Three

12-14-07: We The Robots

12-14-07: Small Wonder

12-18-07: Sequential Art

12-21-07: PvP

12-23-07: Joe and Monkey

01-05-08: Bad Elvis


Did you see cow somewhere that’s not on this list? Make sure you let me know!

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