About Cow & Buffalo

Here’s everything you pretty much need to know to start reading Cow & Buffalo…

cow Cow is not very smart

ENJOYS: almost everything, sandwiches, fighting crime, adventures, miss hen’s eggs, ice cream

buffalo Buffalo is smarter than cow

ENJOYS: hardly anything, sandwiches, books, politics, lego star wars

cabbie Cabbie is from the future

ENJOYS: food, movies, food

bronto Bronto is cow’s pet brontosuarus

ENJOYS: whatever cow is doing

evil pig Evil Pig is evil

ENJOYS: taking over the world, destroying captain cow and/or bison boy, long walks on the beach

andrew Andrew sticks his head in from time to time

ENJOYS: useless facts, motorcycles, pittsburgh

miss hen Miss Hen is irritable

ENJOYS: not being in the comic for over three years, keeping her eggs safe from cow

ash Ash time travels

ENJOYS: sleeping, eating, warm windows

mike Mike Maihack draws the comic

ENJOYS: sleeping, eating, warm windows

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