I’m going to be at HeroesCon this weekend, typically one of my favorite weekends of the year. You can fin me in the center of Artist Alley: Indie Island Table 1120.

And guess what? I will have copies of Cleo 4 with me! Over a week before it’s official release! In fact, HeroesCon kicks of a sort of pseudo book tour for The Golden Lion, with my next stops being ALA Chicago, The Orlando Book Festival, and ILA (also in Orlando). You can see my full schedule on the sidebar of this site.

But back to HeroesCon, in addition to Cleo 4, I’ll also have loads of new prints:

And you can also bid on this painting I did (featuring my absolute favorite of foods) for their annual art auction Sat night at the Westin.

Can’t wait! Hope to see some of you there.