First things first, happy autumn! Secondly, apologies for completely neglecting this blog/website all summer. I’ve been working furiously on Cleo 4 in order to make my deadline in a couple of months. I’m about 130 pages in and, at this point, I feel I can confidently say it’s going to be the best looking one yet. I think it’s also the best written one, but I’ll leave that to everyone else to decide.

While I’m here, how vital is it for me to actually be updating this blog? I assume most of my readers have gravitated to the social nets to get their news on The Exciting World of Mike Maihack and/or Cleopatra in Space, but just in case I’m wrong, please leave a comment to make me feel bad for abandoning you. I’m serious. Even if it’s anonymous. If there are enough readers still regularly checking here, I’ll do a better job at regularly updating here. Promise.

And with that out of the way, I present to you a roundup of various interviews I’ve done over the past few months to prove I am still very much alive.

For those who like to listen:
I chatted with Aaron Williams about comics and positivity on his Comic Manifest podcast.

For those who like to read:
I talked about all sorts of stuff over at Multiverse (had fun with this one).

For those who like to read but have an extremely short attention span:
I answered seven questions from seven-year-old Bridget for her blog, Bridget and the Books.

For those who like to watch (in a non creepy capacity):
Here’s a recent video interview with me at last month’s Baltimore Comic-Con.

For those who want to talk to me in person:
I’ll be traveling to a few places this fall. I’ll update when and where soon.*

*Possibly. See paragraph two.