It’s April! Lots of stuff happening this month, but first things first- Cleopatra in Space #2: The Thief and the Sword is out at the end of this month! The 28th to be exact. If you haven’t yet perordered, make sure to do so. Below is a list of places you can do that. For those waiting to buy from me personally at a convention or something, that’s great, but I still prefer you buy from booksellers and bring the copy with you for me to sign.

Barnes & Noble
Diamond (code: FEB15146)
Indie Bound (local book sellers)
Indigo (Canada)
Powell’s Books

Speaking of Cleopatra in Space, here’s a video about me talking (or rather mumbling) about Book One. It was filmed at a local PBS station for the Florida Book Awards medal I won last month.

(I wanted to say “Newbery.” Newbery was the answer I was looking for. Of course when the word “blueberry” enters your consciousness instead and there are lights and cameras and an interviewer waiting for you to explain yourself, that is not an easy word to say.)

Speaking of video interviews, last month the CBS Sunday Morning Show came to my studio for a feature on this Wonder Woman comic I drew. It was written by the ultra-talented Lauren Beukes and you can buy it now digitally (print version is out in stores next Wednesday April 15th). Anyhow, not sure how much of my interview will get edited in, but it is supposed to air this weekend so set your DVRs (or wake up early on Sunday) if you want to catch it.

Speaking of this weekend, tomorrow is MegaCon in Orlando! I’ll be there once again tabling in Artist Alley section White 7 (same as always). Here is a map to help you find me.


Always so much fun at this show. I’ve been going for 8? 9? years now? Hope to see a lot of old and new friends!