As I mentioned in my blog post last Friday, a bunch of my favorite comic makers are stepping in with some Cleopatra in Space guest strips while I finish up some projects and continue learning to be a dad.

First up is this simply wonderful strip by fellow SD7 crewmate, Dani Jones. I just LOVE this comic! And yes, I probably am bias since not only am I in it by also my son. But still- this is so great. Completely in tune with the personalities of Cleo and Khensu. Thanks so much, Dani!

Dani should be a household name by now when it comes to comics. Not only is she the creator of countless children’s books, short stories and the all-ages opus, My Sister, The Freak, but she’s also the brains behind The Illustrated Section– an online store for digital picture books and comics! If you haven’t already, I highly recommend downloading My Sister, The Freak Volume 1 (available now). Not only is there a great guest gallery in there by some amazing artists (also me!) but it’s a super entertaining story to boot.