My favorite convention of the year, HeroesCon, is fast approaching. And for the first time ever I’ll be a guest there this year situated somewhere in the coolness of Indy Island.  I’m pretty excited, which lead to me drawing up this promo artwork for the show:

Now here’s the rad news: There will be a signed & numbered limited edition print run of this artwork (printed on a high quality watercolor stock- different from the usual gloss stock for my regular prints) of 15 at the show! 14 will be for sale at my table. The first numbered one along with the original b&w artwork will be  donated to Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find’s annual art auction, which helps fund the show and maintain it’s awesomeness.

Also, for those wondering, yes- I will have some Cleo books with me as along with my usual table full of stuff. I really hope to see a lot of you there! All signs are pointing towards this being the best year ever. June 4-6, Charlotte Convention Center.