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I posted this around social media last week but sometimes forget I have readers here who might not follow me elsewhere (at least I think I still have readers here?). Some of you might recall the Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! all-ages card game I illustrated a couple years back. If not, here are all 40 illustrations I did for it.

Well now, Game-O-Gami and I have teamed up to Kickstart not only an affordable paperback edition of the full-color art book (which was previously only a hardcover exclusive to those who backed the card game), but we’ve hired awesome digital artist Josh Ulrich to ink my pencil sketches for a new coloring book! And he’s done an AMAZING job.

This is my first foray into Kickstarting, and I’d love to see it be a success. So, if you care to, please help share the news! Even better, please support it. Even $1 helps. Would love to see this happen! Link below.

Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! – Art and Coloring Books



Here’s the other card I drew for Cryptozoic’s Superman: The Legend Trading Card Set– Lori Lemaris! For those unfamiliar, enjoy this drawing of a mermaid. :)

I’ve been getting word that people have started receiving their Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! card games (and art books!) that I illustrated in the mail, so here are the last ten remaining goblins and fairies I never posted.

For those who missed out on last year’s Kickstarter campaign, the card game, puzzle, and art book are all for sale at the Game Salute website. I’ve been told the art book is a limited print run, so quantities of that are uh… well, limited.


Draw Me A Robot is a fun blog that spotlights an artist’s hardware and workspace. You are also expected to draw a robot.

Click the link above for a short 4Q interview and some pics of my workspace!

Ten more fairy and goblin cards for the game I’m illustrating for Game-O-Gami. Only 5 days left for the Kickstarter campaign! Don’t miss out on backer rewards like the original art for these cards and a deluxe hardcover art book.


Ten (well technically twelve) more fairies and goblins for the card game I’m illustrating for Game-O-Gami. The Kickstarter has been fully funded! But don’t miss out on backer rewards like original artand a deluxe hardcover art book!

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Over the past couple months I’ve been working on some really fun illustrations for an all ages card game called Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! Here are 10 of those goblins and fairies from the 40 cards I’ll be drawing in total for the game (I’ll continue posting them here).

The reason I’m telling you this (besides to post some fun art) is the game just launched a Kickstarter today. Not only that, but backer rewards include a hardcover art book and the original 9×12 pencil art for each of my cards! Those are some rad rewards. The game looks really fun and could use your support, so if you’re interested, please consider backing and/or spreading the word.


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a friend of mine is decorating her daughter’s new room with lots and lots of my pixies (very cool!). one of which is this old sketch that she really wanted colored. so even though it was strange coloring something i scribbled OVER THREE YEARS AGO, i did it anyhow. because that’s what friends do.


and you know? i’m okay with this. i mean, i see a million gazillion problems with this drawing (as i do with almost all of my work) but i still think it looks alright. it’s funny to look back on your past work and see what works and what doesn’t and compare those things to your current work to see what you have worked out or should still be working on (sorry- lots of work right now!).

and i know you kids like your desktop sizes so here’s a larger image for those who want it. :)

this was another faerie commission (people must like faeries—i get asked to draw more faeries than anything else). in this case, the commissionee asked for some specifics: blond, waking up in the morning, a cup of coffee, a ladybug, a certain brand of chocolate (her favorite), and similar to the faerie seasons i was also commissioned to draw not too long ago.


yes! i think i pretty much covered everything! “oh, you didn’t want clothes on her?” so close…

click here for some nakedness!

here’s some fun stuff. i was commissioned to draw four simple faerie illustrations, each depicting one of our seasons (if you live on planet earth).  i think they came out alright! it was fun giving each one it’s own unique color scheme.





most of my time right now is spent working on my second parable story (the first one you can read this fall when volume one comes out in december!), but i still have an inbox full of commissions i’m trying to get to.  i’ll do my best to post some of my favorites as i draw them so this blog doesn’t become a ghost town. or ghost blog. spooky.

this is for a card set coming out sometime later this year.


i actually drew this little mermaid earlier in the year- but just recently got the okay to blog it.

i’ll be at the mocca art fest this weekend! me, ryan and trade all have our own little lunchbox funnies section in the back, tables A17-A19.  i’ll have copies of adventures in sandwich making, it’s prequel/sequel mini, ash: the time traveling kitty, postcards, buttons, window clings, magnets… all sorts of stuff.  i’ll also have a limited number of art prints on me from stuff i’ve posted on this blog, including the mermaid above, as well as a free promotional parable poster for the first 90 people that walk by.

should be a really fun festival this year.  hope to see a bunch of you there!

well, the story broke on this last week so i assume it’s okay to post this here:


this is a page from a story i’m contributing to for Comic Book Tattoo- an upcoming anthology inspired by the music of one of my favorite songwriters, tori amos. you can read the cbr article to read more, but basically we were all asked to choose a song but draw a comic that doesn’t just narrate said song. so what you end up with is a massive 500 page book full of comics that even a non tori fan can enjoy. smart thinking!

i choose the song caught a lite sneeze because, for mysterious reasons unknown even to me, i immediately thought of a story involving two faeries. and you all know it doesn’t take a whole lot to get me drawing pixies. hopefully my little story will hold back the legions of people clamoring for me to get back to drawing more seed (one day! i promise!).

anyhoo- i’m actually still working on this, but i anticipate being done within the next day or so. and then maybe i can get back to some regular blogging. or some cleopatra in spaaaace!

pixies-list.jpgfrom catching up on everyone’s blogs and journals over the past two days, it looks like it’s that time again. the time to make lists of things! particularly things that happened or came to be in 2007.

something that most of you might not know about me is that i am a chronic, cusack listmaker. i even thought about designing a new blog specifically for the purpose of listing things i like or do not like. but then i wondered why anyone would, or should, care what it is i like. but lists do help me to organize my ever increasing memory of stuff.

i’m going to make this one easy on me though. here are just a few things that made 2007 a great year:

  • judd apatow
  • x-men
  • getting parable published
  • my book!
  • lunchbox funnies
  • journey cow
  • tv on dvd! (veronica mars, avatar the last airbender, battlestar galactica, how i met your mother…)
  • comic conventions that start with m (mega con, mocca, mid ohio…)
  • avatar the last airbender (listed again because of complete awesomeness)
  • new radiohead (and shaking up the music industry)
  • new david crowder (and an awesome concert)
  • FINALLY seeing the flaming lips!
  • discovering sunset rubdown (thanks kean!)
  • drawergeeks making me draw (and giving me something to blog)
  • BLOGS!
  • POGS! (wait, no… those are still lame…)
  • the dark knight trailer
  • grindhouse in the theater (first time i instantly clapped at a movie)
  • immonen on ult. spidey
  • world war hulk
  • we the robots
  • zelda: twilight princess
  • heck- just the Wii itself
  • crepes
  • the best batman ever
  • and more important than all of the above- all of my family and friends (on and off the internet).

i’m looking forward to this year. my goal is to draw lots of comics. :)

a few of you may know that i’m part of a very cool art blog called sugar frosted goodness. there’s a zillion talented artists that post on there every single day so if you’ve never been there, and you like art, make sure you do. then bookmark it or rss feed it or whatever you wacky kids are doing these days. anyhoo, i was asked to draw some characters in front of the sfg banner and, me being me, decided to draw some pixies. well, two pixies and a mermaid (mermaids are just water versions of pixies anyhow).




sorry that’s as big as those get. i only had a 72dpi version of the logo to work with. but you can view some larger versions of the originals here, here and here.

that may be the last of the pixies for a while too. i just started a new project that’s going to focus my attention on something else for the time being. of course, if anyone wants to commission me to draw more pixies, i’m not going to turn them down. ;)

not really a vehicle lover so here’s a pimped out pixie instead for drawergeeks pimp your ride topic.


it’s the first cool day here in tampa! i’m finally starting to get into the fall spirit- still my favoritest of seasons despite not many color changes here in florida. there’s a crispness in the air, the humidity level lowers, and a ton of my favorite bands decide to release their new albums.

speaking of which, has everyone downloaded the new radiohead yet? you really don’t have an excuse since you can pay however much you want for it. i was listening to it on my way to work this morning and, despite it’s short audio length, think it’s a perfect album for this time of year.

one in color:


one in black and white:


for fist-a-cuffs’ arena-girl challenge:


her name is hannah. why hannah? because i asked jen what her name should be and she said, “hannah”. that’s creative processing at it’s finest, folks!

sure, they look harmless…


i’m going to draw pixies for a little while if everyone’s okay with that.


last week, a couple of my friends were drawing mermaids. not wanting to be left out, i drew one too, and just got around to coloring her this morning.


not quite as unique or cool as their mermaids, and a bit too ariel looking, but at least now i can add “have drawn mermaid” to my resumè.

and joel carroll pointed me to this really sad news this morning as well… :(

i only knew mike from online- from his blog and forum chatting and whatnot. but from what i gathered, he was an extremely nice guy and an insanely talented artist. you could tell his love of art, and especially the comics medium, in every post and comment he wrote. the news of his passing comes as a shock and is a great loss to both the comics and internet communities. his family will be in my prayers.

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