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rome and pompeii

jen has posted the last of our europe pics.


for our last days in europe, we found ourselves in rome looking at lots and lots of lots of ruins (and eating some REALLY good pizza). for our final day we ended up in the uncovered city of pompeii to visit even more ruins.  all of which were incredibly impressive. it was amazing to be walking on streets that were well over two thousand years old.


and HERE is some predictable but no less appropraite music to listen to as you browse.



i was commissioned to draw stephanie brown again, whom i drew last year for the stephanie brown meme that was going around. since steph has since come back from the dead and is swinging around in her classic purple outfit again, i decided to draw her as spoiler this time around…


… which is pretty much the exact same costume i drew last time, only the red is now a bit more purple and the “R” is now an “S”. yay for creativity!

also- florence pictures are now up.


ah… venice…

jen has posted our photos from venice, a beautiful and amazingly unique city. i recommend making an effort to go visit at some point while the streets are still above water.


some music to listen to while you browse.


i think every young space cadet needs to fight at least one giant alien tentacled monster in their lifetime:


for drawergeeks‘ giant monster topic today. :)

also, jen has posted our germany photos- or as we like to call it,  CASTLE DAY!


here again is some music to listen to if you decide to browse through.  this song will now forever remind me of watching the french and german countryside speed by as we traveled by train from paris to munich.

republic tigers – “buildings and mountains”



jen has started uploading photos and videos of our trip to europe. first up, paris: the city of looooooooove.  and delicious snails. click HERE to view em.


i think jen’s going to upload these in chunks so i’ll just post them as she lets me know. some of those videos are pretty funny too. and for those wondering who those other two people are in every other picture, we went with our pals shawn and alisha who were great travel companions. after spending over two weeks together, i think we only tried to kill each other like twice.

HERE’s some music to listen to as you browse.


megacon was a blast- mostly because i just have fun seeing and hanging out with all of my fellow floridian artists and seeing all the awesome costumes. once again i didn’t take any pictures. partly because i was behind my table most of the time but mostly because i don’t own my own camera. luckly jen was there with me the whole time with her camera! so here is a hodgepodge of jen’s megacon photos with commentary by yours truly.

here i am on my first day, ready to make the big bucks with my awesome display (thanks matt!)…

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mid-ohio con

here’s some photos from mid-ohio con last weekend, courtesy of my good friend matt who took all the pictures and kept me company at my table. he’s also the guy responsible for the awesome cow & buffalo stand-ups you see behind me.


there i am on day one! with cow and buffalo excited to be on display. :)

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misty01sm.jpgremember a looong time ago when i said i would post pictures of my cats? this is that post! just check out how adorable these two cross-eyed felines are. and if you get a chance, you can let me know how close i came to their likeness with that zen inspired sketch from that aforementioned post.

(photos by jen)



hazzah! jen finally offloaded our vacation photos so i snagged a bunch of the ones she took during comic con. i’ve decided that next time i do post something like this, i’m signing up for a flickr account.

the convention center!

view of half the convention center. the comic con took up most of the whole building.


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