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I’ve put the original art for my recent Batgirl Supergirl Halloween comic up for bid. Auction ends Nov 7th at noon and includes a hi-quality print of the final colored comic. Happy bidding!

And as a special Halloween treat, I’m also offering a limited-time preorder for just prints of this along with all of my other BGSG comics. They will only be available HERE in my store until the end of the week.

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Parent Self

Remember five years ago when everyone (and by everyone I mean a few hundred cartoonists) were drawing how they looked as a teen compared to how they look now- or uh.. five years ago? Jen and I do! We took part in the meme during our fifth wedding anniversary. Just a couple of weeks ago we celebrated our tenth and thought it’d be fun to draw us again–now five years later–to see how things might have changed. Results below!

Me c. 1995 & 2008:

Me now:

Jen c. 1995 & 2008:

Jen now:

This exercise is loads of fun. I encourage everyone to try it if they haven’t already!

Now that it’s almost summer, seems like a good a time as any to put last years Batgirl/Supergirl christmas comic up for bid! (Actually I have a family vacation coming up and we need the extra cash).

Scans of the originals are below and the winner also gets a full-color print of the finished comic. I found the thumbnails for this too, so I’m throwing those in as well. Auction is HERE and ends next Monday at 8PM EST. Good luck!

BGSG4-1_web BGSG4-2_web

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more sketch cards

Here are some recent sketch card commissions I just finished up:

psylocke01.jpg buffy01.jpg
rogue&gambit.jpg spider-ham01.jpg

From clockwise left: Psylocke, Buffy, the Spectacular Spider-Ham and Rogue & Gambit. Still having fun with the watercolors! I may have to go out and by some tubes that aren’t over ten years old.

If anyone is interested, these color card commissions currently run about $30 each. Just contact me if’n it’s somthin’ you want.


one of my favorite comic type people, johanne matte, is collecting her entire water tribe epic (aka: the most passionate avatar fan project ever) into a couple of books. even better, she’s giving those books away to artists who draw some pinup art for them. since i REALLY want those books, i drew some pinup art:


i’m afraid unless you’re familiar with the characters though, this little doodle might be lost on some of you. i also realized that, as huge an avatar fan as i am, this is my first avatar fan art. and it is fan art of avatar fan art. so sad.

more marvel sketch cards! today we have:

some spider-man stuff (that one card over there is actually the first time i’ve ever drawn spidey. i guess i just never had an excuse until now!):


the incredibly emotional hulk:


and one of my most favorite marvel teams (and books!) in recent years, good ol’ nextwave.



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jen and i made these earlier this week.  i wasn’t going to blog them, but since i’ve got nothing else to show (and it seems like the thing to be doing right now) i figured what the heck.  here’s manga mike n’ jen.



 an extra NSFW one below the cut. :)

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after celebrating my niece’s second birthday, jen and i met up with some friends to go watch this.  over 100,000 people crowded in downtown tampa to watch homemade glider machines fall nose first into the bay, “the largest turnout for the event in the united states.” us tampaians love free events i guess!  the crowd and the heat was a bit uncomfortable, but it was fun to take a break from our busy lives and do something other than see a movie for a change.

haha. yeah right. the dark knight opened this weekend.


after watching flugtag we went over to the imax theater to watch what made me jump out of bed like it was christmas that same morning. and it didn’t disappoint. my spoiler free review behind the cut.

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the last man

well, it’s official!  after a very last minute decision i’m heading out to SDCC next weekend!  for everyone that is planning on being there, let me know so we can meet up!

ytlm60.jpgalso, last night before bed, i finished reading the last volume of y the last man. trust me when i say i’m not going to spoil anything here (i’d never want to spoil a series this good for anyone), but i just have to write something. i could not sleep after putting down that book. i was seriously wide awake for over two hours thinking about what i had read.  i should have just got up and gone drawn or something, but i really wanted to fall asleep.  but i couldn’t!  it was like this mixed up emotion of being depressed that this great story i’ve been reading forever was over and the excitement of going out to san diego next weekend.

and then i realized what i was really depressed about.

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…i sat at home depressed i was sitting at home. :(

well, not entirely. i did stay pretty busy. first off, me and all of the lunchbox funnies guys were asked to provide some guest strips for scott kurtz of pvp fame. and because we at lunchbox all think scott is a super great guy, most of us said yes (that and the promise of increased traffic to our sites is always a good bribe). click here to read mine!


also- i worked on the parable site a bit. the book is completely done, so i thought a little revamp of the site would be nice while we scout for publishers. especially since i won’t have much to update on it till we actually have one.


also- i added my current seed blog comic panels to comicspace in an effort to get more use out of a great community that i rarely ever visit (but should!). once i get around to drawing more of those, i’ll update them on there as well as here.

also- i started playing zelda: twilight princess on wii finally! and it was so worth the wait.

also- i saw the simpsons on friday and thought it was hillarious. and before going to the theater i simpsonized myself!


jen and i are seeing travis tonight in orlando. before the concert we’re going to try to visit one of those 7-elevens they turned into kwik-e-marts. :)

bust a moooove

this was already posted on lbf, but for those of you that don’t visit there i thought you might get a kick out of this:

yeah, these are all over the place. i’m a little late to the party. jen did one too.

enjoy some milk

i’m going to be part of a couple new web collectives starting up this month. i’m super excited about both of them and can’t wait to announce what they are. for now though, here is an image i finished last night for one of ’em:


so last year i

became more public about my faith in Christ.
started to act on that.
started a christian comic anthology.
got mentioned on drawn!.
joined drawergeeks.
drew a backup story for a comic.
gained a new niece.
finally went to comic con (and met many friends!).
started a new job (which i love).
reached 127 strips of cow & buffalo.
published a book (yes! i did! more on that later!).
saw two of my best friends get married.
made many new friends both online and off.
drew everyday, 365 days in a row.
created more illustrations in one year then i have the entire time i’ve been out of college.
discovered pocky.
started up seed again (albeit slowly)
and created this blog.

it felt like a great 2006. and no doubt it all stems from those first two things i mentioned. chances are, troubled times are ahead, but i still have the feeling 2007 will be better then the last. :)


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