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can’t wait to draw this thing flying…


i might put a pause on these cleo posts for a little while until i can catch up on some pages. hopefully it won’t be too long of a break- there are some fun scenes coming up!

also- saw the incredible hulk last weekend and thought it was great. a really fun action flick with some essential comic geek out moments.  it’s not perfect but who cares.  HULK SMASH!  plus, i love this whole marvel universe that’s being built on the screen right now.  talk about early avengers movie hype!

my summer movie ranking thus far:

  1. speed racer
  2. iron man
  3. kung fu panda
  4. incredible hulk
  5. narnia: prince caspian
  6. indiana jones: kotcs

you know what this story’s been missing? some heavier exposition…


mocca, as always, was awesome.  it was great seeing friends and colleagues i only get to see once or twice a year- or every two years- or every once in a turquoise, polka dotted, square moon. ryan and trade were great table mates and we couldn’t have asked for a better section right underneath the air conditioner units.  especially right after all the doors in the place were swung open for a half hour while we all waited outside for the firemen to do their jobs.

met and hung out with a lot of old and new friends- and i hate naming names because i’m bound to forget somebody- but you all know who you were (and all of you can also confirm to how “elephant like” my memory can be).  but hanging out saturday was fun.  and dinner sunday night was a blast (kean and andy make a cute couple).  i wish i could have walked around the floors more (i was pretty much confined to my table) so it was nice to be able to chat and stuff after show hours.  how else was i going to enthusiastically promote speed racer? :)

i didn’t really realize it until i got back and tallied up everything, but it was also my most profitable con ever (thanks mostly in part to the art prints i decided to bring with me this year- i’ll need to get a shop set up for those soon).  reason enough to head back up again next year, but i would be planning to anyhow just because of the amount of fun i had. mocca is easily my favorite convention.  the people there are the best, the amount of quality work the exhibitors are selling is astounding and no one really has to tug at my arm very hard for me to have a reason to visit NY.  even if it is for a quick, kinda stressful couple of days.

so yeah- see you all next year!

i’m afraid i’m not as caught up on these as i would like- and i have a lot of other work i need to focus on in the coming months. hopefully i’ll be able to catch up, but realistically i should warn any cleo fans out there that i’m not sure how much longer this weeklyish schedule is going to last.


still- yesterday i went to go see speed racer again (i know- i should be drawing cleo instead…), this time on imax, and loved it just as much the second time as i did the first. maybe even more. i can honestly see this movie becoming one of my all time faves, which is crazy since i almost didn’t even go see it at all. folks- don’t miss it on the big screen while you have the chance! especially the big, big screen. man, imax is cool.

here’s a cleo page for my birthday (29 today- old)!


i saw two movies this past weekend (actually three, but two in the theater)- indiana jones 4 and speed racer. and you know what? speed racer blew indy out of the water in terms of awesomeness. why is this movie not doing better?? i had so much fun and felt like i was watching something really special. the script was great, the characters were super developed, and the car racing was the coolest car racing i’ve ever seen. i don’t think i wanted to go home and play mario kart so badly in my life. there was just so much to love about this movie, all the way from the visuals to the message it was trying to tell.


unfortunately, in contrast, indy fell victim to a really bad script and a super, under-developed story line- and honestly- should never have been made. it was like an indiana jones movie for the sake of an indiana jones movie and just didn’t work on so many levels. i don’t want to go into the details, because they’re fairly obvious and most of you have either seen the movie already or will be seeing it soon. but i think this was a rushed project that was fun only in the sense of nostalgia for how much we all enjoyed its predecessors. i didn’t think it was all bad, but i went in with very low expectations and this movie met those.


the funny thing about the two films is that there are so many “wha–?” moments in both of them. but with speed racer those “wha–?” moments are instantly followed by a “haha! awesome!” while with indy they just leave you with your mouth hanging open wondering how someone thought that was good idea.

so- i know speed racer isn’t for everyone, (believe me- from the trailers, i thought it looked just as horrible as the rest of the world seems to think) but if you go in with an open mind- i think you’ll find something you haven’t really seen before. something fun and unique. something for kids and adults. something for artists and people just wanting to see some great action. something meant to be seen on the big screen. something raiders of the lost ark accomplished 27 years ago.

so, with june fast approaching and more movies on the way, here’s my ranking for favorite summer movies so far:

  1. iron man
  2. speed racer
  3. narnia: prince caspian
  4. indiana jones: kotcs

xerx smash!


apparently cleo’s not the only egyptian queen zapping her way through the cosmos. now nefertiti is getting in on the action thanks to fellow tampa drawing buddy, keith patterson. do i detect a team-up?

um… wednesdays instead? :P


sorry, a bit late on this one…


i think it’s time to get this started.


just for fun. :)


seems like every time i get a chance to escape my regular drawing responsibilities, i only want to to draw cleopatra in space. which isn’t very often these days. so even though i’m doing my best to work on a little comic of her (yes- i am!), the process has been slow. today, instead of doing a little more work on another page, i decided to just relax and do something a little less uh… thought inducing- which drawing comics can sometimes be.

that said, i’ll be taking a little blog break for the next few weeks or so since there are some projects i really need to concentrate on. they are fun projects, so i’m looking forward to them, but they are likely going to suck up almost all of my extra drawing time. i should be back sometime in april. maybe sooner if i decide to irresponsibly break away from drawing comics again. :)

…and all i drew were these lousy sketches. haha.


just a couple mindless doodles of cleopatra while browsing, conversing and selling at the mid-ohio con this weekend. i had a really fun time and it was great meeting those of you who stopped by. a very appreciative thanks to those that bought a book or a print or more. i received a lot of nice compliments which is always a great boost to my ego. ;)

photos to come!

also this started happening while i was gone. i need to retain better control over my comic creations…

miss cleo was the topic of this week’s drawergeeks. my cleopatra battles the evil xerxikes, invaders from the planet xerx.


yeah- i made that up. i have no idea where xerx is. or if there even is a xerx. or even if they are evil. if there are xerxikes somewhere out there and they are a peaceful race, i’d hate to start spreading rumors. so don’t listen to me!

new david crowder is out this week! i’ll be picking that up with the new athlete album that is also out. and maybe the new foo fighters. there’s also new iron and wine, jose gonzalez, eddie vedder, band of horses….

sigh. that time of year i guess…

jen and i will be seeing david crowder in november. with the awesome phil wickham. who i, by taking the time to link to him, just found out also has a new album out on tuesday. jeez!

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