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About the author

Mike Maihack is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art & Design and is the creator of the Cleopatra in Space graphic novels published by Scholastic/Graphix. The series has earned him a Florida Book Award, a YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers selection, a starred review from School Library Journal, and a wealth of sharable knowledge about sequential storytelling. Mike lives in Lutz, Florida, and his work can be found here on his website and at



An approximately 45-60 minute visual presentation focusing on the origin and creation of the Cleopatra in Space series, the advantages of using historical figures in fiction, and how to create your own strong characters whose traits can be used effectively (and humorously!) in a story. Mike will delve into the basic structure of sequential storytelling, background on the real Cleopatra, personal artistic influences, and possibly a sneak peek at his upcoming graphic novels. There will be time for Q&A afterward.

Most of the presentation will focus on the Cleopatra in Space series, so the more familiar kids are with the books in advance, the richer the overall experience will be. If your school or library has copies of his graphic novels, please display them before the author visit.

Mike will also happily sign and sketch in all copies of his books for the group.

For ages 7 and up.

Mike is also available to speak to adult groups about creativity, art, and storytelling at conferences and libraries. In addition to panels and Q&As, Mike offers a presentation similar to the one he does for classrooms, but with more emphasis placed on story and character development, and geared toward an older audience with an interest in learning more about creating or reaching out to kids with graphic novels.

Virtual Visit

Mike is happy to drop in for a 20- to 30-minute virtual visit (using Skype or iChat) with classrooms, book groups, and library groups that have read at least one of his books. The visit will include a short visual presentation on the origin and creation of Cleopatra in Space with time for a Q&A afterward. It is always helpful when kids prepare questions in advance!


For rates and fees please fill out this Scholastic Author Request form and my Author Visits Manager will respond shortly.

Required AV Tech

  • Television, screen, and/or projector for images (compatible with a tablet or flash drive)
    • A laptop/projection setup is all that’s necessary for the visual presentation
    • HDMI access is needed for a more advanced drawing demonstration
  • A microphone for groups larger than 75 people
  • Wi-Fi access (if available – please provide login in advance)

Teacher Preparation

There will be time for a Q&A after the presentation. Teachers are responsible for deciding the best way for students to ask questions. Examples in the past have included preselected questions students read from note cards, a teacher selecting hand-raisers, and students simply lining up one-by-one. I will do my best to answer every question based on the school’s schedule.

Teacher Guides

Scholastic Author Site

Ordering Books

For your convenience, local Tampa bookseller Inkwood Books offers a discount for school orders of Mike’s books. Contact Amanda at (813) 253-2638 or for an order form.

When ordering books, have each ISBN and corresponding full book title, along with the date and the name, telephone number, and address (including zip code) of the person placing the order. Make sure to mention that you are ordering books for an author visit. Please place order AT LEAST 30 DAYS prior to the visit to guarantee delivery.

Cleopatra in Space #1: Target Practice. Written and Illustrated by Mike Maihack
Published by Graphix (a division of Scholastic).
ISBN: 978-0-545-52843-6

Cleopatra in Space #2: The Thief and the Sword. Written and Illustrated by Mike Maihack
Published by Graphix (a division of Scholastic).
ISBN: 978-0-545-52845-0

Cleopatra in Space #3: Secret of the Time Tablets. Written and Illustrated by Mike Maihack
Published by Graphix (a division of Scholastic).
ISBN: 978-0-545-83867-2

Cleopatra in Space #4: The Golden Lion. Written and Illustrated by Mike Maihack
Published by Graphix (a division of Scholastic).
ISBN: 978-0-545-83872-6

For any other queries, contact my Author Visits Coordinator Lisa McClatchy at

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