Final Blog Post and Where to Find Me

Due to visitor preferred interest in social media, I’ve decided to cease updates on this blog. I’m not going to delete it because I feel the posts make a nice archive, but from here on out, these are the places you can follow me on (and where I’ve been more active these days):

Cleopatra in Space
News, appearances, and all things related to Cleopatra in Space and the graphic novels will continue to be updated on the main Cleopatra in Space site.

This will have the most current updates, as well as artwork and all of the above. I’m @mikemaihack

Probably the best place to follow me if you are primarily interested in my artwork. The new blog feed on this website will reflect that.

I started a Facebook page in early 2017 you can follow me on. Also a good place to find updates, especially if you find yourself on Facebook a lot. This will be the first place I’ll post any new artwork for sale.

And a couple other places you can find me are Instagram and DeviantArt. I’ll try to update this post as things change.

Thanks to everyone who’s stuck with this blog all these years! I appreciate your support more than you’ll ever realize but times, they are a’changing.

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