Bye, 2015


A tad late on this, but my annual little compilation of some of the stuff I drew last year. Most of my time was spent working on Cleo (Book 3 for the first half, Book 4 for the second) but I still managed to sneak in a few other fun things here and there. Lots’o watercolors.

Thing to look forward from me this year: Cleopatra in Space #3! My fav in the series so far (and available for preorder). Other than that who knows what will get announced. Guess I’ll find out along with you. :)


  1. John Sorensen’s avatar

    I had no idea the person who did the Batgirl/Supergirl strip was the same person who does Cleopatra in Space. Both are awesome.
    Is the Sup/Batgirl strip in print anywhere or just online?

    1. Mike’s avatar

      Thanks! Glad you enjoy both. :)

      BG/SG comics are just online.

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