Bye, 2014


Started doing this a few years ago: a compiling of some of the stuff I drew–well, drew and posted–in 2014 (there’s quite a bit of stuff I drew that hasn’t been published yet). Looking at the above, 2014 consisted mostly of Batgirl, Supergirl and Cleopatra. Nothing wrong with that!

Stuff to look forward from me in 2015: Cleopatra in Space #2! Short Wonder Woman story in Sensational Comics! Maybe a pinup or two! Maybe another Batgirl/Supergirl comic!


  1. Jack Decker’s avatar

    Great Batgirl & Supergirl series. Batgirl is the child trying to be taken seriously and Supergirl just wants to have fun and pal around with Batgirl. Have you ever thought about pitching them as an animated series to the Powers That Be?

    1. Mike’s avatar

      I’ve thought about pitching an actual comic–I have a pretty decent idea for a series–but other projects have kept me busy I haven’t had the time. Maybe someday.

      1. Jack Decker’s avatar

        Cool! Please keep us posted. Looking forward to more of your Batgirl and Supergirl strips. :-)

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