Some 80’s X-gals (and villains)

Commission request for 80’s Rogue, Storm, White Queen, and Jean Grey as Black Queen. I’ll admit, those last two were a bit outside of my comfort zone, but sometime that’s the fun part about commissions. Wouldn’t expect a lot more of that though.



  1. steve’s avatar

    I really like all of them, though I think I like Rogue best.

  2. Chris Wilson’s avatar

    What do you mean ‘outside of our comfort zone?’ Was it a challenging art assignment, or was it the lack of coverage in the outfits?

    If the second, understood.

    If the first, can you elaborate on what the challenges were? They seem to be in line with much of your other work, technically.


    1. Mike’s avatar

      Hey Chris,

      Yeah, mainly the outfits (or lack thereof). It’s nice to know you feel it’s in line with most of my other work, since I was trying to find a nice balance. That was really the challenging part: trying to keep the characters sexy enough for the client but not too much where it felt uncomfortable in my style. They aren’t outfits I would normally draw the ladies in. :)

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