Katniss and Peeta

Some Hunger Games fan art. Movie opens tomorrow!! :D


  1. Keath’s avatar

    After seeing this, I feel no need to see the movie …

    1. Keath’s avatar

      I mean, how can it compare?

      1. mike’s avatar

        read the books!

      2. frank’s avatar

        love your art. any chance this will be for sale as a print?

        1. mike’s avatar

          thanks! yeah, i think i may make this one available in the future. :)

          1. angte’s avatar

            please tell me if and when it will be for sale, i want to buy it!

          2. Ravi’s avatar

            this is beautiful stuff! wish I could create such art!

          3. Jo’s avatar

            Absolutely gorgeous.. This came up while I was bumming around looking for Hunger Games fan art, and now I’m stuck here looking at all your amazing work! If this was available as a print I would most certainly buy it!

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