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Forgot to post this little work doodle from earlier this week.

Just out of curiosity, how many of you still follow me exclusively through this blog and not one of the half-dozen social networks I’m a part of?

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  1. D. M. Jeftinija’s avatar

    I follow through the site.

  2. Keath’s avatar

    I’m near exclusive this blog.

  3. Ben’s avatar

    I do. Well, via RSS. Are you on Google Plus? I’d follow along there, if you’re thinking about scrapping this.

  4. Ben’s avatar

    Edit: Ok, just found you… NOW I am following you on Google plus.

  5. Chris’s avatar

    This is the only place I follow you.

  6. Matthew’s avatar

    I suppose this means I’m one more for that only-on-the-blog list.

  7. Arnab’s avatar

    Follow your blog updates via RSS.

  8. will’s avatar

    Me via rss

  9. Brian’s avatar

    Another check in the “just the blog” column.

  10. Jeff’s avatar

    I follow you only on this blog via Google Reader.

  11. matthew’s avatar

    um… i still do… but I’d follow you anywhere :P

  12. caitlyn’s avatar

    Blog only, through rss feed.

  13. Matt’s avatar

    I do! One of my RSS favorites. Keep up the great posts!

  14. Caleb’s avatar

    This site via RSS and Twitter.

  15. tk.’s avatar

    Yeah, here only (also via RSS).

  16. zek’s avatar

    via RSS as well.

  17. Chris Wynter’s avatar

    Blog, but not RSS. I usually check in Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. :)

  18. Carlos J. Negron’s avatar

    I fallow you through this site sir. . .

  19. KC’s avatar

    I follow the blog, but no RSS. Can’t get the hang of it :-)

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