Merry Christmas from Batgirl and Supergirl

One last Batgirl/Supergirl comic, as a kind of thank you to everyone for all your wonderful comments, postings, purchases, and everything else this year. I thought about saying “Seasons Greetings” or “Happy Holidays” for those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas, but since I already had the tree and santa elements in there I figured why not just run with it. Plus I think Kara would be filled to the tipping point for this festive time of year. Babs probably wouldn’t NOT have Christmas spirit, but she would also realize that Gotham’s criminal empire doesn’t take the day off either. Just as long as she can get back in time to share a hot cocoa with commissioner dad.

Anyhow, I think this’ll be it for these little Batgirl/Supergirl comics. I feel these sort of one page, costume themed gags have kind of run their course and if I do any more I’d rather draw a longer arc I have in mind. Next year my primary focus is going to be on my own comic, and there are a few exciting happenings with it that are helping me push that focus. Hopefully that will bring along some exciting news to share with you all next year as well. We’ll see.

For now I have a lot of hard work ahead of me so I hope everyone has a very merry, happy December!  And I’ll see you all next year. Or on twitter.

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  1. Bekki’s avatar

    I will SO miss these. I love your comic a lot but these Supergirl/Batgirl exchanges always make me smile.

    1. mike’s avatar

      thanks, bekki! i love them too, but Cleo needs my attention right now. :)

    2. Ed Sizemore’s avatar

      I’m busting a gut. I love Kara’s expressions. DC NEEDS to hire you to do a monthly comic filled with these. It would be an awesome companion to Tiny Titans.

      1. mike’s avatar

        well let em know! i wouldn’t mind drawing some more if i could afford it. :)

      2. Keath’s avatar

        I’m actually surprised they haven’t come up with holiday costume variants yet. Or have they? Are you ahead of the curve on this?

        1. mike’s avatar

          i… i don’t know… i CAN’T be ahead of the curve. at least not with supergirl!

        2. Sarah Mensinga!’s avatar

          YES! I love the pom poms on Batgirl’s ears. Awesome. :D

          1. mike’s avatar

            haha! and therein lies the whole reason for drawing this toon. :)

          2. Bieeanda’s avatar

            I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m a horrible person, or that recent superhero designs have jaded me, but I was expecting something other than Christmas themed costumes.

            Yes, I’ve braced myself for a whole sock drawer’s worth of coal this year.

            1. mike’s avatar

              prepare to be covered in soot, bieeanda! ;)

            2. Matt’s avatar

              If the one shots had to end, this is a good one to end on. It made me chuckle pretty hard.

              Enjoy your first Christmas as a family of three!!! I hope you have a MErry Christmas and Happy New Year, and I can’t wait for Cleo to return from the shelf.

              1. mike’s avatar

                same to you, matt!

              2. Brian’s avatar

                Thanks so much for this one. A great day to end the year.

                Looking forward to new Cleopatra In Space in 2012

                1. matthew’s avatar

                  there is sooo much great character stoof here!!! AND its funny… really enjoyed these. All my office mates luved them too. Keep on drawing! happy holidays!!!

                  1. mike’s avatar

                    that’s awesome to hear, matthew! thanks. and happy holidays!

                  2. Ant’s avatar

                    I don’t get it. What was Batgirl’s present/gift?

                      1. godzilla_foil’s avatar

                        Slashfilm excluded the last frame, so I came here thinking all sorts of dirty things… :)

                        1. mike’s avatar

                          oh cool. i didn’t realize it was posted on slashfilm. glad you clicked over! hope you weren’t disappointed. :P

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