Another Batgirl/Supergirl Comic

Let’s face it. Everyone¬†has a crush on Batman.

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  1. Keath’s avatar

    yes yes yes!
    more more more!

    1. mike’s avatar

      i’ll do my best! check back in another three months. ;)

    2. Ben Hatke’s avatar

      These are so great!

      1. Comix Book Gurl’s avatar

        Love EVERYTHING about it!

        1. mike’s avatar


          (i need to add a teenaged catwoman next one)

          1. mike’s avatar

            thanks, andrew!

          2. Caleb’s avatar

            Ha! So good! And I always suspected the Supers of “abusing” their x-ray vision.

              1. mike’s avatar

                thanks, justin!

              2. Sarah Mensinga!’s avatar

                So hilarious. I want to read a long story featuring your version of these two. :)

                1. mike’s avatar

                  i want to draw one! if only a certain comic company would hire me to do that. ;)

                2. Brian’s avatar

                  Love it. I would buy two copies of a Batgirl and Supergirl book by you.

                  1. mike’s avatar

                    tell DC that! :)

                  2. Sarah’s avatar

                    Soooo cuuuuuute.

                    1. Matt’s avatar

                      LOL, Mike another great addition… Can’t wait for more in the future.

                      1. mike’s avatar

                        thanks, matt! i’ll draw ’em when i can.

                        1. Matt’s avatar

                          Of course I really want to see more Cleo… but I like this dynamic duo as well.

                        2. Gerardo Tejada’s avatar

                          So… How do we sign a petition to DC?

                          1. mike’s avatar

                            haha. start one? ;)

                          2. Dave Windett’s avatar

                            Another great strip…. I’ll sign the petition :)

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