original SUPERGIRL/BATGIRL art on eBay

I decided to finally dip my toes in the world of online auctioning and put the original art for both my SUPERGIRL/BATGIRL cover and comic up for bid on eBay!

These pieces here:

I’ve never sold anything on eBay before, and I rarely sell original art, so this should be a fun experiment! or a disappointing one. Either way, it’ll be an experiment! And now that I actually have something set up on there, maybe I’ll offer some other original arts in the future.

Also, interviews:

Speaking of Batgirl and Supergirl, there’s a short little interview with me on The Brave an The Old specifically about those pieces.

And for those of you sick of hearing about Supergirl and Batgirl here’s ANOTHER interview about all my other comics work pre-supergirl/batgirl craziness.

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  1. Captain Comics’s avatar

    Good luck Mike! We put a quick plug for your auctions on our blog.

    1. mike’s avatar

      awesome! thanks. :)

    2. Steph’s avatar

      Wow! I checked them out and realized that I couldn’t afford to compete with those bids! I hope you’re planning to sell prints, too, because I’d certainly buy one. These are the cutest.

      1. mike’s avatar

        yeah- i think i’ll get the prints up in the store this week. :)

      2. Matt’s avatar

        Are you satisfied with the amountthe originals raised?

        1. T. Derscheid’s avatar

          For the future after ebay drops the listings,

          the Supergirl/Batgirl cover original art sold for $386.50, and the 6-panel original art sold for $305, both of which look like bargains to me.

          Keep up the awesome, Mike!

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