Felt like sketching Storm this morning. Probably cause this is the first day in a week it hasn’t been raining.



  1. Matt Nelson’s avatar

    I love that you did Mohawk Storm. Really fantastic stuff.

    1. mike’s avatar

      mohawk storm is the best!

    2. Sarah’s avatar

      Very cool, Mike. :)

      1. Sara Multiductus’s avatar

        Wonderful!!! Love the pose and the lightning on the back ?

        1. Todd moniz’s avatar

          Loving the use of negative space and her 80’s vibe! Nicely tackled!!

          1. Matt’s avatar

            Sorry you had to die Beast, but it lead to the best Storm in the Marvel Universe. Nice job Mike.

            1. mike’s avatar

              haha. he came back anyhow. they all do.

            2. Chris Battle’s avatar

              AWESOME. Takes me back!

              1. Matthew S. Armstrong’s avatar

                Un-freakin-believable Mike! It’s my favorite take on Storm EVAH. Period!

                1. mike’s avatar

                  awe shucks. thanks so much, mathew!

                2. damon’s avatar

                  i always liked that Storm

                  go good!

                  1. mike’s avatar

                    thanks! she’s a great character.

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