A Little 6 Panel Batgirl/Supergirl Comic

So Evan “Doc” Shaner drew this nifty little 6-panel Captain Marvel comic based on this monologue his Buddy Cops collaborator Nate Cosby wrote. I casually mentioned that it looked like a great exercise and that it would be fun to draw one. And then Nate Cosby wouldn’t stop bugging me until I drew a Supergirl/Batgirl one. So here you are Nate! Hope you like (you really didn’t have to twist my arm that much).

Click after the cut for waaaay to much much thought into this.

I really love how in the seventies Kara would change outfits almost every issue. It just makes sense in some odd teenaged superheroie kinda way. I grew up with two younger sisters that had more shoes in their closet than I had shirts. One look is not enough. And I think because of how iconic the colors and symbolization of Supergirl are (and because she’s already had so many different looks anyhow) she’s one of the few characters that could get always with it on a monthly title. Okay, maybe the logistics don’t make sense. Maybe on top of the ability to fly and pummel bad guys into the earth, the yellow sun also made Kara an excellent seamstress. Or Martha Kent showed her how. Or Martha Kent makes them FOR her. Whatever the reason, I would bring that back. And I think it says a lot about her personality too.

As for Batgirl, it’s important to note she’s not just a younger female Batman. Where Batman has become almost superhuman in his ability to do ANYTHING, Barbara has to work really, really hard to do what she does! I mean, she’s naturally super bright, but I imagine she still trains and disciplines her mind and body to a ridiculous degree both day and night in order to not look like a complete fool fighting next to the likes of Batman and Nightwing cleaning up the gritty streets of Gotham City. And then along comes this wonder-teen from Metropolis who’s able to do it all so effortlessly. And with better hair. That would be a fun relationship to explore.


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  1. Rico Renzi’s avatar

    Love it Mike!! This’ll be ALL over the web in 5 minutes.

    1. mike’s avatar

      wow. you weren’t lying!

    2. doktorjung’s avatar

      That’s pretty cute, and funny as well. She switches conversations almost as quickly as outfits, heh.

      1. mike’s avatar

        haha. kara also has attention span issues.

        1. Keath’s avatar

          Why are you not doing this book? Am I going to have to win the lottery so I can buy the rights to these two before I can read this every month? Srsly, DC, think forward …

          1. mike’s avatar

            it’s because i’m drawing cleo in space, keath! and because DC aint paying me. ;)

          2. Bekki’s avatar

            Omg! That’s so cute! I couldnt love it more!! (unless there was a teenage Wonder Girl in there as well…)

            1. mike’s avatar

              wonder girl? great! now my gears are turning again…

            2. Kurt N.’s avatar

              Guh, where’s the social network buttons? You gonna make me share this /manually/??? ;)

              1. mike’s avatar

                making you work! :)

                seriously, i SHOULD add some of those…

              2. Darrin’s avatar

                man thats great!

                1. Bill Reed’s avatar

                  Yes. This. Exactly this. Here is all my money.

                  1. mike’s avatar

                    why thank you! i will put it to good use.

                  2. Jg’s avatar

                    Absolutely wonderful. Just retweeted the Fabler’s post about this!

                    1. mike’s avatar

                      thanks so much!

                    2. Timothy Connolly’s avatar

                      Well done, Mike! I do not recall ever having seen Barbara Gordon so frustrated before :)

                      1. mike’s avatar

                        oh trust me. if i was writing this as a series, that wouldn’t be the last time you saw her that way. ;)

                      2. Mark’s avatar

                        Fantastic! This is what the New 52 is missing. Something I can read and then hand it off to my daughter – both enjoying it, both talking about it! Please know that this is getting shared with her and will make her MONTH!!!

                        5 minute update: Seriously, you are now her favorite creator.

                        1. mike’s avatar

                          that’s the best. tell your daughter she’s the best.

                          1. mike’s avatar

                            thanks, tiffany! we all missed you in Baltimore this year.

                          2. Jackie’s avatar

                            My initial smile evolved into a giggle snort when I got to the last panel. I’d read this book in a heart beat. Until that happens, I’ll just go read everything else you’ve done. ;)

                            1. Dave Windett’s avatar

                              This is great, like I said before DC should let you play with them for real :)

                              1. mike’s avatar

                                i’d have fun with them, that’s for sure!

                              2. Patrick’s avatar

                                Love this! Saw it on Tumblr and re-Tumblr’d it.

                                1. Dan P’s avatar

                                  This, behind your Fifty Too cover, would be just spot on…

                                  1. Moe’s avatar

                                    I’ve never been into those ‘classical’ super heroes comics, but but I’d love to read more of your version. You do a great job.

                                    1. GreyDuck’s avatar

                                      This is SO VERY brilliant. Kudos forever.

                                      1. Ritchie’s avatar

                                        Hahaha! Awesome and entertaining. Love your art style. Gonna spread this around.

                                        MORE PLEASE. (Maybe one with Babs, Steph and Cass… all 3 Batgirls = WIN)

                                        1. mike’s avatar

                                          i feel bad yet never having drawn the other batgirls. i will try my darndest to remedy that some day. Steph made a pretty great one.

                                        2. kevrhon’s avatar

                                          You really need to buy more shirts.

                                          1. mike’s avatar

                                            haha. wait, what?

                                          2. Nick Perkins’s avatar

                                            This encompasses all of the fun that’s been missing from Marvel & DC since I last read anything from them. So adorable.

                                            1. james’s avatar

                                              Daughter #1 is just mad about Sailor Moon this very instant and loved this comic. Your stuff is better on 23 solid levels.

                                              1. mike’s avatar

                                                man, that means a lot. thanks, james! and thank your daughter for me. she’s awesome.

                                              2. Bekki’s avatar

                                                I’m drooling a little. I totally wish I could put that on my wall!

                                                1. mike’s avatar

                                                  not the drool i hope!

                                                2. Jonathan’s avatar

                                                  This brought the biggest smile to my face. Couldn’t resist reblogging it. Thanks, and I hope to see more of these! :D

                                                  1. mike’s avatar

                                                    thanks, jon! you might see more down the road.

                                                  2. Matt’s avatar

                                                    Now that is alot of comments, it’s not a multipage mini comic, but it gave me a good chuckle this morning.

                                                    Good work as always Mike. Any chance of offering this a print? It would be cool to have a framed dual print of your fake cover with the logos and this panel comic.

                                                    1. mike’s avatar

                                                      i’m weary of offering the cover as print with all the logo stuff attached to it, but i’ll prob offer it sans all that stuff. i kinda feel like i’d be a fool not to at this point…

                                                      1. Matt’s avatar

                                                        I would be weary of offering it with the logos as well, but it would look good together.

                                                        1. AlpineBob’s avatar

                                                          Though it is being used as such, ‘weary’ is not a portmanteau of ‘wary’ and ‘leary’, but a instead a distinct word of its own, with its own tired meaning.

                                                          Also, love this comic so much I’m reading old comments just to see what others had to say about it. :)

                                                        2. Sean Holland’s avatar

                                                          Just wonderful. You should do more, ’cause we would totally read them.

                                                          1. mike’s avatar

                                                            thanks, sean. i might down the road. gotta focus on Cleo though! :)

                                                          2. Brian’s avatar

                                                            I’d buy this comic in a heartbeat.

                                                            1. mike p’s avatar

                                                              i love this! do want a print *hint*hint*

                                                              1. Andre’s avatar

                                                                I love this. I agree with the other commenters that this is hysterical.

                                                                I’ve seen your work elsewhere and have loved it as well.

                                                                Are you planning to do more of these character sketches, maybe something publishable?

                                                                1. mike’s avatar

                                                                  i might do some more one day, but for now i’m focusing on my own characters. thanks, andre!

                                                                2. Adam’s avatar

                                                                  I love this! In third panel supergirl dresses up like Raven.

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