Supergirl/Batgirl #1

No, I’m not drawing a new Supergirl/Batgirl book for DC (as rad as that might be). This is for the super-fun DC FIFTY-TOO blog that the equally rad Calamity Jon Morris organized in response to the recent DC reboot of it’s entire line. If DC came to me and offered me any book to do, this is what I would have choose. Big surprise! Haha.

Below is the cover sans logo and a process animation of it can be viewed HERE (sorry, flash required).

DC FIFTY-TOO is updating with four new covers from an amazing roster of talent every weekday. Make sure to check out all the great covers already on there! This was fun to draw. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see an issue #2 from me sometime. :)

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  1. Lee Wiley’s avatar

    So awesome Mike! I’d really love to see more variety of style in any big comic books, and honestly DC seems like one that just might do it! I love the Flash animation of your process by the way! It would be so cool if you added a pause/play button on it too, so that I could stare and drool at parts, sorry, I’m geekin’ out here.

    1. mike’s avatar

      unfortunately that’s really the extent of my flash knowledge right there. but if you know how i would be able to pause it, let me know! :)

      and thanks, dude!

    2. Matt’s avatar

      Mike nice work as always. Why am I not surprised that this is the title you chose to do. Looks great.

      1. mike’s avatar

        haha. i know. people must have been SHOCKED when that cover went up.

        next time, i’ll take over Lobo or sumthin. ;)

      2. Matt’s avatar

        A 10 page mini comic would be awesome…

        1. mike’s avatar

          hey, if DC is willing to pay me…

        2. Keath’s avatar

          Your stuff keeps getting better and better – clearly the baby is coming for the express purpose of giving everyone else a chance to catch up! :)

          1. mike’s avatar

            hah! i feel constantly behind with every art i do. I’M the one catching up!

          2. Dave Windet’s avatar

            A gorgeous piece of work, I wish there was some way to persuade DC to let you play with the characters for real.

            1. mike’s avatar

              me too. i’d have fun with it for while. i’d miss working on Cleopatra in Space though. i’d have to find a way to do both. :)

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