Morning Sketch: Supergirl

Yeah, yeah. I know. I drew Supergirl again. She’s just so fun to draw!

I made prints available right away this time too. :)

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  1. Keath’s avatar

    One of your better Supergirls I’d say.

    Also, Mike Maihack: Print Making Machine!

  2. michael Mazourek’s avatar

    This is awesome! I was just wondering how you can sell it though since it is a copyrighted character. I am only wondering because I would like to sell some fan art as well, but I get all confused when it comes to copyrights. How much do you have to change a character to sell the artwork?

    1. mike’s avatar

      yeah, it’s kind of a risk, but publishers have tended to tolerate small works of fan art like this in the past. as long as you’re not doing something with their characters they wouldn’t approve of. or putting their logo on it. or making a comics of them. but if i was ever was sent a “cease & desist,” i would rightly be forced to comply.

    2. michael Mazourek’s avatar

      Thanks a ton! I appreciate your reply!

    3. Sean’s avatar

      A brilliant work of art from a truly gifted artist.I’m an artist myself with my own cartoon series and working on something special to send to Dark Horse comics but back to your fantastic art of Supergirl, I am honored to gaze upon the works of another of my fellow artist.It’s quite a piece.The colors and the designs are literally impeccable.The picture has a dream like quality to it which makes it even more visually stunning.

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