Commissions Are Open

Commissions are open! I know a few of you have been waiting forever for that announcement.  I’ve gone in and added some new options and tweaked the pricing a little too. Now you can get a larger (9×12) watercolor illustration in addition to the sketchcard option. I’ll keep commissions open as long as I feel comfortable with  my workload (which could change at any given moment).

I’ve also thrown a TON of new prints into the store, including all the morning sketches I posted about last week. I’ll be placing an order this week so if you want one sooner rather than later, best to place your own order within the next couple of days.

Thanks, everyone!

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    By fortuitous coincidence, the Come Up With The Most Ridiculous Thing For Mike Maihack To Draw Contest has also opened up! I think my vote will be for “Sucker Punch as acted by My Little Pony.”

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