Morning Sketching

Social networking has caused me to neglect my blog! I’ve been doing these little doodles every so often and posting them to my various accounts, but for whatever insane reason, not here. Which should really be the first place I post them too. I’ll aim to fix that. Anyhow, check out the little gallery below to see some stuff I’ve done.

SDCC was great by the way! Sold a lot. Went to some parties. Met up with friends. Good time all around. It did, however, completely deplete me of almost my entire print stock so I’ll be doing a reorder early next week. If there are any of these sketches (or anything else for that matter) you are wanting a print of please let me know. Thanks!

And if you are looking for an alternative way to follow some of my arts, here are the various social networks I’m currently on:


Of those, I’m probably still the most active on Twitter but I still regularly update and check the rest of them. Also for those wanting some of your OWN art from me, I should have some good news come Monday. :)

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  1. Keath’s avatar

    Potter is my favorite.

    So is Monday the day you finally announce you’re stretching into performance art? For a mere $1,000* Mike will come by your house and sit in your most comfortable chair for an hour. It’s art!

    * 10% discount if said chair is in front of a TV showing anything Pixar

    1. mike’s avatar

      shhh! don’t ruin the surprise, keath!

    2. John’s avatar

      I think it was deviantArt that someone mentioned the Harry Potter image as some kind of postcards. I hope that happens, since that would be a perfect gift for my girlfriend who is a huge Harry Potter fan.

      I’d also buy a print of the Harley sketch to go on the wall next to the Harley hugging Joker print I got from you at HeroesCon a year or so ago.

      1. mike’s avatar

        just added all of those to the store, john. :)

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