San Diego Comic-Con!

Comic-Con is only a few days away and I’ll be there! I’m pretty close to where I was last year, this time at table O-02 in the Small Press area (aisle 1800). Here’s a map:

You can click HERE for where that is in relationship to the entire gigantic floor.

What I’ll have: Cleoptra in Space #2 (which debuts at the show), copies of Cleo #1 and limited copies of Cow & Buffalo. Also lots of prints and I’ll probably throw some original art into my suitcase as well.

As far as commissions go, since this show is so insane and I’ll be handling sales solo this year (my lovely, child-carrying wife is understandably sitting this one out), I’m only going to be offering head/bust sketches this time around. But super cheap: only $25. If during the weekend I feel caught up, I might offer more. But judging from last year that’s not likely to happen.

SDCC is always a fun time. Can’t wait! Hope to see a lot of you there!

EDIT: If anyone would like to commission a sketch early for pickup at the show, feel free to PayPal me at $25 head/bust sketches only.

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