Heroes Con 2011

Yup! Heroes Con is this weekend. I’ll once again be situated in Indie Island. This time at table AA-523 (only a couple tables over from where I usually am) and with my good friends Joel Carroll, Jason Horn and Dean Trippe to the lefts and rights of me. Which you can see from this map (click to enlarge):


I’ll also be on a webcomics panel Sunday morning. Here’s the info on that:

Sunday 11:30 AM
WEB COMICS–Group Effort
(Room 206)

Meet the Small Press groups who have developed their own multi-strip brand: Curt Franklin, Chris Haley, Mike Maihack, Kevin Church, and Benjamin Birdie will sit down and talk to Comic News Insider’s Jimmy Aquino about creativity in the Small Press World.

That should be fun. And don’t forget about the Catwoman piece I painted for their annual auction. I managed to find a frame for it too. See:


That’ll be on Saturday night at the Westin across from the convention center. It’s a big party that helps benefit the show (allowing guests like me to go as well as keeping ticket prices super-low or even free if you’re under 12).

So lots of stuff to look forward to. I’ll of course have Cleo books, prints, buttons, a pregnant wife, etc… as well as sketching for those who catch me early enough (I am a notoriously slow con sketcher).

Can’t wait. Love this show. Hope to see a lot of you there!


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    I’m coming Sunday morning and will be attending the panel discussion!

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