some sketch cards

Commissions are still closed since I have some fairly large projects I’m working on (as well as, you know, my own comic), but here are a few “special cases” sketch cards I recently finished up. Clockwise from top: Supergirl (based on this amazing outfit here), Raven from Teen Titans, Hit Girl, and a┬árandom forest elf.

supergirl01.jpg raven01.jpg
hitgirl01.jpg forest_elf01.jpg

I hope to get back to some commission work in a month or so. We’ll see.

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  1. Bieeanda’s avatar

    The elf picture makes me giggle like a little girl. :)

    1. mike’s avatar

      awesome! that was the goal. ;)

    2. Red’s avatar

      I really like your style and so glad that you don’t make your female figures obnoxiously buxom. Thanks.

      1. mike’s avatar

        you’re welcome. :)

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