MegaCon 2011 Sketches

MegaCon was a blast as usual. Love hanging out with everyone over there. And I love only having to travel an hour outside my house. :)

I was pretty slow about getting sketches done this time. I think with this being my third convention in four weeks I was starting to get burnt out a little. But I was happy with the ones I was able to complete. Here are a few I was able to take pics of that didn’t turn out too blurry:




This next sketch was for someone who had an entire book devoted to a brain in a jar. It was pretty awesome. He asked for Cleo to be part of the collection, so I drew her heisting some brain from some off-page alien zombies.


And his wife had a whole book devoted to penguins. It seemed appropriate to put mine in spaaaace.


Also, thanks so much for all the congrats on Jen & I’s “latest project.” We are both super excited and I promise not to clog this blog with a thousand baby pics in seven months. Maybe just one or two though. ;)

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    1. mike’s avatar

      oh alright… :)

    2. Dee’s avatar

      I need a penguin in space. NEED!

      Lovely sketches (as always) and congrats!

      1. mike’s avatar

        first step- is ya got to get into space. THEN ya just gotta nab one. it’s pretty easy though. they are floatin’ around all over the place up there. just bring a net.

      2. Chris’s avatar

        lol @ Dee
        Absolutely gorgeous work, Mike.
        Look at those crisp lines (especially on the first two). *drooool*

        1. Ken O’s avatar

          As proud owner of the brain jar sketch, thank you so much!
          Seriously, it is awesome and I love it. It was great meeting you at Mega.

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