Big News

Jen and I decided to work on a project together. It’ll be out in October. Here’s a sneak peek.



  1. Kev Brett’s avatar

    Awesome!!! Congrats to you both. It’ll be the biggest/most expensive/hardest/most satisfying project you’ve ever had!!!

    1. Pat’s avatar

      Congratulations! That’s wonderful news!

      1. TJ Lubrano’s avatar

        Aaaaww :D Congratulations to both of you!!!

        1. Keath’s avatar

          If it’s a boy, he will have plenty of comic books to read.

          If it’s a girl, she will have plenty of fairies on the wall.

          I think you’re basically set either way :D

          1. megan’s avatar

            Whoa!! Congratulations! How exciting :)

            1. mike’s avatar

              thanks, megan! we are pretty excited. :D

            2. Dave Roman’s avatar

              Big congrats! You are both amazing people, so I look forward to seeing your transformation to awesome parents!

              1. mike’s avatar

                aw, thanks dave. it was so hard keeping the news from everyone at ECCC! but we wanted to wait till we knew everything was good and healthy.

              2. Darrin’s avatar

                Congrats to the both of you!

                1. mike’s avatar

                  thanks, darrin!

                2. Ed’s avatar

                  Wow! Congrats to you both, that’s gonna be a lucky kid :)

                  1. Barb salas’s avatar

                    Congrats!!!!! Ditto kev. Add most amazing/wonderful. Can’t wait to say Congrats in person

                    1. mike’s avatar

                      thanks, barb! can’t wait to see your little guy again. :)

                      1. mike’s avatar

                        thanks, andy!

                      2. Eddie’s avatar

                        Very exciting news! Congratulations to you and Jen!

                        1. mike’s avatar

                          thanks, eddie!

                        2. Sarah’s avatar

                          Yay!!!!! And the best is that you’ve both signed the ultrasound. Ha ha. :) Congratulations! So awesome.

                          1. mike’s avatar

                            haha. we are proud of our work. ;) thanks, sarah! can’t wait to be a dad.

                          2. Angela’s avatar

                            Alright! Congrats!

                            1. mike’s avatar

                              thanks, angela!

                            2. dave’s avatar

                              Congratulations! That’s terrific news.

                              1. mike’s avatar

                                yes it is. thanks, dave!

                              2. Matt’s avatar

                                Mike and Jen

                                !!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!

                                Looks like a successful project!

                                1. mike’s avatar

                                  i hope so! :)

                                2. Chris Houghton’s avatar

                                  Wow! A huge congrats you two! A great collaboration! :D

                                  1. mike’s avatar

                                    thanks, chris!

                                  2. Chridq’s avatar


                                    1. mike’s avatar

                                      thanks, chridq!

                                    2. David Ano’s avatar

                                      Ah! How cute! Congratulations.

                                      As I tell any artist that is expecting child, DRAW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

                                      1. mike’s avatar

                                        thanks, david! i think i’ll make due. :)

                                      2. Tony’s avatar

                                        Hmm… Black and white picture. I’d prefer it, if it was in colour. ;)
                                        Congratulation to the three of you.

                                        1. mike’s avatar

                                          the color ones are creepy!

                                        2. Colossus_2000’s avatar


                                          1. mike’s avatar

                                            thanks, Colossus!

                                          2. Kevin McLeod’s avatar

                                            con grads on the collaboration. Is this the first project you two have worked on?

                                            1. mike’s avatar

                                              first one like this. ;)

                                            2. Nat Not Nate’s avatar

                                              Congratulations! Hmm, maybe I should ask for some commission work before you get too busy with the kid!

                                              1. mike’s avatar

                                                hah! yeah, maybe. i might be opening some up in the summer. thanks!

                                              2. si smith’s avatar

                                                heh! congratulations mike and jen!!

                                              3. mike’s avatar

                                                thanks, simon!

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