I joined a new sketch blog/collective that started today. First topic was “Cyberpunk.” Mine is probably more punk than cyber and more pink than punk, but hopefully still fits the subject. I enjoyed trying to sketch something up fairly quickly.

Collective is called Bristolwhip, and is full of all tons of talent. Check it out!



  1. Sarah’s avatar

    Ooo, this is really cool. I’ve been missing drawergeeks so much lately. It’s nice I think to sometimes be encouraged to draw things you might not otherwise draw. Sweet other art on the blog too. Who came up with the cool name?

    1. mike’s avatar

      Thanks, Sarah! I’ve been kinda missing Drawergeeks too which is how I guess I got talked into joining despite my crazy schedule. Hope I can keep up!

      The name spawned from the mind of one calamitous Jon Morris. He actually came up with a list of like 50. My favorite was “The Crypt of Drawcula.” :)

    2. Angela’s avatar

      Hey so this is the new group. Very cool! I like your illustration and the other designs on the site.

      1. mike’s avatar

        Thanks, Angela!

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