Private Art Sale Beginning March 7th


So convention season is officially upon us! But for those of you who might not be able to make it out to the few scattered cities I’ll be at, I might have a nice alternative for you. I’ve partnered up with Deniath to bring you an exclusive 72 hour sale, with limited numbers of my books, prints and original art packaged at some pretty great discounts. The catch is, this is an invite-only sale. But because I think my fans are awesome and I completely value your following, all you have to do is email before March 10th with the word “cowshell” in the subject line, and they will send you an access code.

This is a good chance to get some items from me you may be holding out on. Especially the original art which I generally never offer. And if the sale does well, I’ll try to offer more again sometime.

On shelves