Fighter Pilot

Here’s a commission I recently finished up of a fighter pilot and her pet F-35:


Commissions are currently on hold while I focus on Cleo and and some other projects. I’ll likely open them back up in a few months though. Or you can always try to catch me at one of the many conventions I’ll be at this year (I have them listed over to the right on my sidebar).

EDIT: After talking to the client, I changed the tail fins to reflect more umm.. democratic policies than say the ones Bond was always fighting against. If you want to see the original I still have it uploaded HERE.


  1. Brandon O'Donnell’s avatar

    Nice, I really like the jet.

    1. mike’s avatar

      thanks, brandon!

    2. David Jesus Vignolli’s avatar

      That´s so cool! Brilliant stuff, mate!

      1. E’s avatar

        Awesome as usual, bro!

        1. mike’s avatar

          thanks, dude!

        2. Laura Braga’s avatar

          Hi Mike,
          your work is always great, nice colors and effect of the sky with the stars!
          my compliments and good work!

          1. mike’s avatar

            thanks, laura!

          2. Ati’s avatar

            mike u done it well but it looks like they don’t fit together if the girl was closer to the jet i think that it would be so much better i mean some kind of feeling and relation between girl and jet and the way that the girl is standing ‘her gesture ‘ is not very nice but u’ve done well with colors.
            and at last: follow your fingers!

            1. mike’s avatar

              i understand what you’re saying, ati but with commissions it’s more important to please the client. he sent me some photo reference of this general layout and i didn’t want to stray to much from that. also wanted to make sure i got as much of the jet in there as possible. but thanks for the healthy crit! :)

            2. Flurry the Bear’s avatar

              Wow! Great job! :) *HUG*

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