Sketch Cards: Girl Power ed.

These were all for the same client. She’s got good taste. And I’m not just saying that because she asked for a Cleo card.

jem01.jpg cheetara01.jpg
songbird01.jpg firestar02.jpg

From left to right on down: Cleopatra in Space, Isis, Jem, Cheetara, Songbird and Firestar.

And here are a couple from last month I forgot to post here. I guess we can call this batch “The Kitty ed.”

spider_kiwi.jpg catwoman_dexstarr.jpg

Spider & Kiwi from this site and Catwoman & Dex-Starr, a red lantern cat. I had no idea there even was a red lantern cat but you can read about his sad origin here.


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  1. Flurry the Bear’s avatar

    Cheetara looks so cool!

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