B&W Commissions

Here are a couple of b&w commissions I recently finished up. This first one is a recreation of this Archer and Armstrong cover.


I’ve never been asked to recreate the cover of something, let alone a cover drawn by the amazing Barry Windsor-Smith, so this was kind of a strange commission to draw. Let alone trying to take something that depends so much on color and make it work in b&w. Hopefully I didn’t butcher it too badly!

And here’s  a drawing of the always popular Stephanie Brown, sporting the same costume I redesigned for her a couple of years ago.



  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    These are great! That would be an interesting challenge, recreating a cover… Also, let me just also chime in late and say that your marvel cats are fabulous. I hope you do more. :)

    1. mike’s avatar

      thanks sarah! it’s great to hear form you. so glad you started posting your comic too!

    2. David Jesus Vignolli’s avatar

      I love your version for the Archer and Armstrong cover. I guess I like yours more than the original. :) And your dc characters are always amazing. I´d love to see you drawing a Batman issue for DC.

      1. mike’s avatar

        hah! thanks, but i think i’d be better suited for a batgirl issue and that’s still unlikely to happen. my style’s a bit too cartoony for them.

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