Here’s a commission I just recently finished up of the the Daily Planet’s ace reporter spending the evening with Metropolis’ new golden boy:


In my head I was thinking this is pretty early on in their relationship. Lois is taking a break from jotting down notes for an interview, and Kal’s telling her where his planet used to be. Now that I’m finished though, I realize how depressing that it. “There is where my entire civilization blew up.” How romantic.

Anyhow, you can view the process animation for this piece HERE.

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  1. Keath’s avatar

    The chicks dig the emotionally-vulnurable invulnurable-superhero thing

    1. Darrell’s avatar

      But the good news is from Earth you’ll still be able to see it for thousands of years! Heck, with Superman’s eyesight, he should be able to watch his ancestors milling around…probably in gas guzzling Hummers.

      1. mike’s avatar

        oh yeah- that’s true! how cool is that?

      2. Patrick Rennie’s avatar

        Well, it was his birthplace, but not his home, you know? “That’s where my ancestors were from” rather than “Yeah, that’s where everyone I knew died.” To me that means nostalgia and fascination more than anything bad.

        1. mike’s avatar

          also true. still, it’s his origins. his race and stuff. still kinda depressing.

        2. johnny’s avatar

          amazing piece! love the emotion and innocence behind it!

          1. mike’s avatar

            thanks, johnny!

            1. Colette’s avatar

              Yes, thank you Mike! The color, artistry, and emotions are all captured well in this piece.You captured so much with this piece! The framer was in awe as well as she is a Supes fan.

            2. David Jesus Vignolli’s avatar

              I hope Zack Snyder takes your poster as reference. It´s so cool! :)

              1. mike’s avatar

                hah! yeah, we’ll see about that…

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