The Catastic 4 and more!

Well that Marvel Cats meme I blogged about last week officially got INSANE. I think it was impossible to go on the internet over the weekend and not see some sort of cute furry feline garbed in superhero gear. I ended up caving into temptation and drawing three more.

The world’s greatest superhero litter, The Catastic 4:


Meowtu, the Watcher:


And the furball of vengeance himself, Ghost Kitty Rider:


Now for some great news! All of these, including my Catvengers Assemble piece from last week, are now available for pre-order in my online store. And half of the proceeds from sales of these prints are being donated to Siamese Rescue, the cat rescue shelter Jen and I adopted our two cats from. Never has there been a better time (well, at least today) to help out kitties AND get some cool art in the process!

And while I think this is it for me drawing cats for a while, I’m pretty sure the craze is still going on. So if you want to keep up on all the cuteness, just follow this twitter hashtag: #mrvlcats. Many thanks to Chris Eliopoulos, Katie Cook, and Ryan Penagos for kick starting the event. Probably the greatest meme of all time. Or at least the cutest.

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  1. Elisyae’s avatar

    ” Ghost Kitty Rider”

    Je rigole devant à chaque fois, il est superbe ^^

    Miaou <3 :p

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