Baltimore Comic-Con

Can’t believe it’s already been a year! The Baltimore Comic-Con is this weekend and once again I’ll be there. This time hanging out at the Kids Love Comics booths. Here’s a map:

This is one of my favorite shows. Full of comics, kids, superheroes and good friends. I can’t wait!

And since lots of people on The Twitter have been asking, yes- I WILL have Cleo books with me. I don’t expect to sell out, although I didn’t expect to at SDCC either. So if you want one, the earlier you get there the better. I’ll also have my usual swag of c&b books and art prints. Hope to see you there!


  1. Ben Hatke’s avatar

    Oh, boo. Clearly I should have gone to the Baltimore Comic Con this year. Pah, I missed out.

    Will you perchance be at SPX next week?

    1. mike’s avatar

      aw, no. :(

      i really wanted to but after adding up expenses it just made more sense to do Baltimore instead. you need to come out next year, ben!! BCC is one of the best!

      1. Ben Hatke’s avatar

        DOUBLE BOO! DOn’t say it’s one of the best! That just makes me feel WORSE!

        Instead say “It’s a great con, but this year all these wild skunks got loose in the exhibition hall and sprayed and clawed everyone.”

        1. mike’s avatar

          oh yeah! cept for the skunks. that kinda stinked.

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