Sovena Red vs. the Robot

Here’s a pinup I just finished up for my friend Rod Hannah‘s new book out next month. It’s of the main character, a permanent 12-year-old superhero named Sovena Red. She’s fighting a big giant, generic robot because in my mind, that what permanent 12-year-old superheroes do.


The book is called Once Upon a Super Hero and the first issue debuts at NYCC. After that you’ll be able to get it online and stuff. Which I recommend doing. I’ve already read the first preview issue and it was good. Really good. Can’t wait to read more!


    1. Bryan B.’s avatar

      This rocks man. Also, the whole family loves the new Cleo book!

      1. mike’s avatar

        awesome! good to hear. :)

      2. Jake’s avatar

        haha yes! this is great. I love the coloring.

        1. Frazer’s avatar

          Man, I just love this!

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